About Us

From the initial sketches and ideas in June 2018, Checkmate Socks have been on a journey of development. Brought from paper to screen with the initial ideas developed using Computer Aided Design Technology, the design process maintained its attention to detail throughout.

Materials were decided, designs were finalised, samples & prototypes were produced and trailed. With logos, websites and branding quickly established, the sketches soon became a distant memory.

In June 2019, the brand of Checkmate was born, built from the simple foundations of a pencil and paper and a heartfelt concept.

Fast forward to 2023 and Checkmate socks has 10 different styles of high quality, fashion savvy socks with an important social message,

''Check your mates are ok. It could save a life one day!''


They also have high quality Unisex Hoodies and an Active Wear range for both male and female.

Pulling on your socks in the morning is one of the first things you do. Checkmate Socks provide a daily reminder that checking in with your mates, your family and yourself, should be something we should all do every day to contribute to positive mental well being. It could be as quick as a phone call or a text but taking that time and checking your mates are ok, goes a long way.

You can check on your mates not once but 365 days of the year. The fine details on our socks represent this, with the size of our checked squares designed as 36.5mm x 36.5mm.


The brand was established with two aims; to provide high quality, specialist designed socks and to make a difference to the lives of others.

1 in 4 people will struggle with a mental health problem throughout their lifetime and suicide is one of the most common causes of death in young men in the UK.

Having witnessed the effects of mental health on family, friends and the wider community, Checkmate Socks founder wanted to build a brand that could make a difference not only to those he knows, but also to the lives of others who may be struggling with their mental health.

Checkmate socks is a brand that aims to give something back, with 10% of all sock sales donated to Mental Health Charities.

To date we have supported the following charities;

Each donation is used to help those in need. Our donations are predominately used to pay for professional counselling services to help those who need it most.


Ross Gilmour, the man behind the brand, founded Checkmate Socks in March 2019.


Following a previous footballing career with a long stint at Dundee United the 29
year old Scot was released in June 2015. Ross quickly moved into a career in Project Management and Electrical Engineering in the Rail industry, where he remains working full-time, alongside his commitment to Checkmate Socks.

Mental Health is an important issue for Ross, having experienced the impact the loss of a relative had on his family and the losses through suicide around Glasgow had on the wider community, he decided to make it his mission to create a concept that could help those in need.

The initial idea for Checkmate was brought to life by Ross drawing sketches in early 2018, by March 2019 a brand committed to making a difference was created.

Ross is committed to ensure that he provides high quality products to the customers whilst also giving back to help support those struggling with Mental Health. Connecting with the customer base through all social media accounts is important to highlight the importance of mental well being and ensure that the ultimate brand message is heard loud and clear.

The company now has Active Wear ranges for both male and female, highlighting the benefits of going outdoors and regular exercise can have on your Mental Health.

The squat proof, women's leggings with pockets and men's gym shorts have been huge hits so far with many great customer reviews. You can read these on the customer testimonials page.

The Future Vision

Grow the brand through product sales and raise greater levels of awareness for Mental Health, while continuing to donate to charities across the world.

Our next goal is to reach £10,000 of donations to charity through sock sales.

The dream is to reach £1,000,000.

We would love you to join us on this journey!